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Mulch is a material that’s applied to the soil to help improve the overall condition of the property. It’s crucial if you want to achieve the best landscape outcomes. But composting work isn’t easy. So, you’re advised to look for a well-versed landscaper near you. J and T Landscaping Company LLC is a trusted and highly recommended company that you can trust when it comes to your mulching needs in Bowling Green, KY. We’re a team of well-trained and experienced professionals that can help you with your mulch trimming project efficiently.

Why Apply Mulch

Mulch is a material that’s applied to the soil to supply minerals and nutrients to the soil. It has the effect of making the soil wetter, which helps prevent soil erosion. This also prevents the soil from becoming too dry, making it easier for roots to grow and stronger plants to survive. Mulch also has the ability to absorb and lock up the sun’s UV rays, keeping your lawn and other landscape features healthy. Lastly, mulch is an affordable way to take care of your lawn. To receive the most out of your mulch, you must trim the grass, weeds, and other plants regularly to make sure that mulch is evenly distributed and available to all plants in your landscape.

Turn to Our Landscaping Team

Mulching work is not as easy as you think. It is a labor-intensive and dangerous job. You must not apply mulch on your own if you are inexperienced in the job. It’s safe and effective if you turn to our well-trained and capable team. We have excellent techniques and methods for the application of mulch. We can ensure that you’d achieve the best outcomes you want and need.

Looking for a trusted mulching company? If you are in Bowling Green, KY, no need to look far as you can always rely on J and T Landscaping Company LLC to help you with your mulch trimming project. For inquiries and information, do not hesitate to contact us at (270) 599-6774 today.